Living Simply: Aunt Flow to the Rescue for a 'Magical Menses' #gogreen

Aunt Flow to the Rescue for a 'Magical Menses' #gogreen

9:09 AM

Ruthie is the owner of Aunt Flow Cloth Pads on etsy.  She has some beautiful and colorful creations just for us who want to have a pretty and comfortable period.  I was fortunate to try out the starter set.  Here is how it arrived.  I find that the artists and craftsmen on etsy are more eco-conscious than most, going so far as to re-using food boxes for packaging!
The mama cloth starter set consists of 4 different sizes: liner, maxi, super and overnight pads.  I had never gone beyond the maxi myself so this was a totally new experience with the super and overnight sizes.  I did a pre-wash and hang dry. The larger overnight and super pads did take a little while longer to dry than the smaller ones.
The dimensions of the set are: 13 inch overnight, 10 inch super, 8 inch maxi and 6 inch liner.  The next pad I used was the maxi.  It sat securely in my underwear without shifting or moving.  It is also deceptively thin, like all the pads in the set.
I used the over night first and was pleasantly surprised. Can I be totally honest and say I actually smiled after I put on the very long over-night pad? At first I was totally thrown off by its size. I was also a little off put by it when I had it in my underwear, because it wrapped all the way from high in front high in back.  But it was thin and comfortable.  I quickly grew to enjoy the experience and the thought of a secure and dry night's sleep.  That is why I just had to smile. 
And to make sure you get the most effective use and care out of the pads, Ruthie includes detailed laundering instructions.  How thoughtful and handy!

There are lots and lots of options at Aunt Flow, from post-partum heavy pads to mini pads. Look around and see what catches your eye! Huge thanks to Ruthie for generously sponsoring a gift card to her store for my Made in America prize package.

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Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.

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  1. Thank you so much, Christine! I'm glad the pads worked for you!

  2. I love that it leaves you comfortable at night and that it is great for overnight! That is what I am mainly looking for and this sounds like a great product

  3. i really want to try mama cloth this look like a great stater kit i would love to try to win some mama cloth too! any giveaway for that soon?

  4. i like idea of that ideal of the pads that way if some time happen
    and then i would give them to family

  5. Great review! The nighttime pads actually sound many don't come up high enough and one never knows when sleeping where extra coverage is needed! I am surprised, though, that air dry is recommended as usually dyers make pads more absorbant(makes fabric 'fluff' up).

  6. Awesome review! I would love to try these pads, they look wonderful. I'll have to check out her site. Thanks for the review!

  7. These look really nice! And I love the variety of the sizes. I just started using cloth pads, I will check these out!

  8. Cloth pads are so much more comfortable than the disposable plastic ones. These look very well made.

  9. I really think I need to switch to these. I hate paying so much for what is basically piece of paper and chemicals.

  10. These look like a good product to use for comfort and reliability!

  11. Omgosh I just love the name of these!! I love that they offer a starter pack!!