Living Simply: A Most Unusual Fitted from Hen & Chick Cloth #clothdiapers Spotlight

A Most Unusual Fitted from Hen & Chick Cloth #clothdiapers Spotlight

8:31 PM

Let me tell you about Heather's Green Home Goods. This is an amazing woman with not one, but three stores that has a variety of, you guessed it, green home goods :) Heather makes reusable mop pads, wool dryer balls and kitchen accessories at MicroMop, cloth diapers and accessories at Hen and Chick Cloth, and aprons, bags and accessories at Heather's Custom Sewing. Whew, I got tired just typing about those shops.
Heather was kind enough to send me a fitted diaper and cover to review for Fluffy Christmas.  I fell in love with the design of her fitteds since I had seen nothing like them before. They were so unique I just couldn't get over it. And then I got to try it. 

These diapers look like any other when they are folded up, they have elastic leg seams and snaps like other diapers, but when you open them up they are fantastically different.
The liner folds out like wings on both sides! I did a crude outline, in the picture above, of the leg elastic and fabric that sits outside when the diaper is folded and on.  I hope Heather has a patent on this design. This is a fitted with the benefits of a flat or prefold diaper: the drying and cleaning are immensely faster and easier! Go Heather!! And it is just my guess that she manages to reduce fabric waste tremendously as well with this design.

I used a thick hemp doubler (folded of course) inside the flaps of the diaper for night-time use. It was a little tight fit but I think we managed to use both waist tab snaps without complaint.
 And the legs also fit snug without gaping with my super stuffing.

I was also impressed with the diaper cover. The stitching and the fact that the aplix was completely encased on both sides, and looked and felt sturdy, made my day. I have had some bad luck previously with a cover whose aplix unraveled.

 The elastic around the waist and the legs sat very snug. 

This was quite a generous sized cover. I picked the large since my one size covers seem to be just a little snug for my night-time stuffing. This one still has room to grow into.

I hope you are as in awe of this fitted as I was because Heather has offered one to the winner of my Fluff Stash giveaway starting December 1! Be sure to stop by the Hen and Chick shop and check out what's in stock so you can choose some favorites.  Thank you Heather for sharing your diaper innovation with us and sponsoring.

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.

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  1. Thanks for the review of the diaper. This one does look much different than others.

  2. That is a really neat design! My big issue with fitted diapers is that they are hard to get clean and they take forever to dry, this would fix that problem completely!

    (Rachel N)

  3. Wow! I really haven't seen a fitted diaper like that! I bet they dry really quick.

  4. This fitted is really cool! I love the fabric too! My fitteds do take quite a long time to get dry even though they don't have tons of layers.

  5. I love the fabric! I don't know a lot about cloth diapers yet, and I'm a bit confused by the design, but I do see how it would dry easier:)


  6. Wow looks like a well made dipe. I seriously wanna try the brand out now!

  7. What a neat design! I never would have thought of such a clever thing!

  8. I love the desgin of this. I use flats and covers exclusively and I love how quick they wash and dry so seeing a fitted that unfolds that way to aid in easier washing and drying is wonderful!

  9. Id never heard of this brand before but they have a great trim fit! I really like these

  10. how cool! I looooove fitted diapers and this one looks so awesome! at first I didn't get why the need for the one piece design but then you said it - duh! easier cleaning and drying is brilliant. also love the look of this particular print and the diaper cover looks pretty damn cool. thanks for review! again I wish it just included the price.

  11. I'd love to know what the patterned fabric was that she used for the fitted!