Living Simply: Do You Watch Parks and Rec? I LOVE it! #funfact

Do You Watch Parks and Rec? I LOVE it! #funfact

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Sometimes you just gotta laugh. It works the muscles, burning calories, and releases endorphins, reducing stress. How's that for awesome.

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Well, today I laughed heartily at one scene in 'Parks and Recreation'. I only started watching it recently thanks to a free Netflix subscription and my sister's recommendation! Now I am on my second month (yeah, they got me hooked, plus I watched the whole series of Crossing Jordan the first month, the kick-assest coroner there is, an original. Eat that 'Bones', etc.)

But I digress. The hilarious scene in question had me laughing so much I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It involved the main character, Leslie Knope, having her first political rally, which was organized by her advisers, her dear friends. They might be enthusiastic but they have no political experience whatsoever. The joke starts when they are crossing an ice rink (which was supposed to be a basket ball court) on a red carpet. The red carpet stops many, many feet from the ridiculously small stage. The group then stumbles en masse across the ice towards the stage, where more hilarity ensues as each member tries to hoist Leslie up. I am almost breaking up writing about it!! I need to watch it again. I wish I could save just that 2 minute scene for when I really need the relief.

I did find another hilarious clip that showcases the whit and original humor of the show. This one involves Leslie's boss, Ron Swanson and his loathing of the digital age. Enjoy.

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  1. I've only caught a couple of episodes, but it really is hilarious! They did a really good job creating characters who are absurd enough to be funny but real enough to be relatable.

  2. I use to watch it before my husband had to start working nights bc he really loved it. I do like it but there are other shows on at the same time that I like even more (I hate when there are more than one show I love on at the same time eeny meeny miney mo lol)

  3. Me and my husband are t.v series addicts but we have yet to watch parks and recreation its for sure on our too be watched list

  4. i've never watched it maybe i should try it

  5. I haven't even herd of it before..looks interesting. :) ill have to check it out!

  6. Thank goodness for Netflix! I'll check to see if they've got P&R and have myself a viewing marathon. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Totally agree! This show is one of my faves :)