Living Simply: Mmmm, Guava! ALDI Surprised Me Today

Mmmm, Guava! ALDI Surprised Me Today

7:18 PM

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I was just going in to Aldi to stock back up on oatmeal when I noticed something unexpected, guava, in a big packet of 12 luscious, ripe and redolent orbs. The smell had me and the price was unbelievable. I paid $2 for them when I usually have to pay almost that for two at the grocery store.

Guava is a tropical fruit, something I enjoyed as a girl in Guyana. Eating it brings back memories of childhood. If you see them at your store, give them a try. Ripe ones are very fragrant. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Yes we were lucky enough to have an Aldi's nearby when we were still raising our 5 kids. they cost a small fortune in groceries each way especially when they were all teens at the same time. But shopping at aldi helped our food dollars go a lot further and helped us be able to buy better food than we would have had to buy if everything cost more like at other stores. Our kids are grown and on their own now and Todd and I moved and there is no longer an Aldi by us or else we'd still shop there.
    great store great prices and selection