Living Simply: Swabucks and Hulu, Who Knew? #earnrewards #free

Swabucks and Hulu, Who Knew? #earnrewards #free

6:24 PM

Swagbucks TV is now better than ever. Not only do they have a fresh new look, but the content keeps getting better. SBTV now offers two channels with new content: the Television category offers videos from Hulu and Music has VEVO videos. Did you see that, HULU!!! Hulu is free tv at its best. Have you checked out the selection? There are current hits as well as oldies but goodies!

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You can view all the video categories under Browse at the top of the page.  The new look also makes easier to find related videos - all while earning Swag Bucks. The SB Meter has an updated look, but it works the same as before: once your meter fills up from watching videos, you earn 3 SB. If you haven't earned Swag Bucks yet just for watching videos from Hulu, VEVO and more, it's time to get started now. Sign up if you aren't already a member! It's free and easy and you're online anyway, right!!

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