Living Simply: You CAN Save the Earth #recycle #aluminum

You CAN Save the Earth #recycle #aluminum

4:04 PM

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Did you know that aluminum is infinitely recyclable? Well, it is! That means those soda cans, catering containers and foil roasters, and even aluminum foil that can be wiped clean can all be sent recycled. This is a free and easy and simple step you can do to save the earth! That same used aluminum container will get a new life as a food container, over and over again. If we recycle it.

I see too many soda cans in public garbage bins. I almost want to grab them all and bring them home to recycle. But I am not that daring. Plus Hubby already thinks I am crazy and this would be another reason to commit me.

Please consider keeping your cans when you are out. Do not throw them away just because you see a garbage can nearby. Take them home to recycle or use a recycling bin that you may find nearby. I don't see those often enough, unfortunately.

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  1. We recycle aluminum, paper, plastic, cartons, batteries at appropriate locations, etc. It is so important to recycle everything we can. Love this post :)