Living Simply: Earth Month To-Do #Composting Info #gogreen

Earth Month To-Do #Composting Info #gogreen

2:16 PM

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Trash Talk Infographic
Thanks to Trash Talk Dumpster Rental Blog for sharing this helpful infographic.

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  1. This is so handy. We are going to start composting and I found this. I didn't know what items were ok and what wasn't. Thanks so much for the information it will really help. I'm going to put it on my pinterest for reference

  2. This is really an very interesting and neat way to remember what can and can't be composted. I will share with my granddaughters who are really into composting and their compost pile.. Thank you

  3. Wow thats a lot of waste! I had no idea I could use all that for compost! Thanks!

  4. I love this, great tips. I can't really have a compost where I live as it's an apartment complex. but im going to try to talk to my dad if he can start on, and i use it as well! :)

  5. We have a city-wide composting program here. It's so convenient and hardly any extra work for homeowners. We just put organic waste into a separate bin and the city picks it up and composts it.