Living Simply: Hooray For Earth Day #gogreen #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle

Hooray For Earth Day #gogreen #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle

5:30 AM

I am doing for the earth. I trudge through the mud and slush with my composting load. I can do more, a lot more. I try to learn new ways of conserving, reusing, reducing and recycling. Pinterest has some colorful and fun ways, if you're hooked. If not, here are a few green ideas to incorporate into your life.
For some other tips and tricks, check out assorted posts over the last year. 
Happy Earth Day (live it every day)!

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  1. we have a compost pile and a garden even though we have very little room to work with. Id also like to recycle more. but growing my own food is prob my fav way to be green

  2. I have been thinking of starting to compost - I have to investigate what to and what not to put in it.

  3. I'm heading over to Pinterest as we speak so that I can find some greener living tips! Thank you!