Living Simply: Eco-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Wall Decals from Sunny Decals #reusables #USAmade

Eco-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Wall Decals from Sunny Decals #reusables #USAmade

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Decorating a child's room can be tricky. You never know when the little one will get an opinion of his or her own and not like what you've done - and complain. A great way to be flexible with the decorating scheme of a young person's room is with removable decals. Sunny Decals not only makes a fun collection of decals, they are also totally safe for your family. Their decals are made from cloth instead of vinyl and they use a water-based adhesive. There is no off gassing associated with artificial fabric or toxic glues. Since the decals can be lifted and moved, they are also eco-friendly.

I chose the Transportation decals for Tubby since he loves trains and construction trucks and pretty much anything with wheels. I was surprised at how big the roll was that came in the mail. These decals are big! I mean they are the same size as my four-year-old's head. I have never seen such a large size decal in stores that was sold along with a dozen others of the same size. You get a lot of bold shapes in vintage hued colors with these decals.

I figured that the best way to use these decals was to let Tubby do his own decorating. He was very careful in removing the individual pieces so that none broke. They didn't seem fragile, but it never hurts to use caution in handling something you would like to be able to enjoy over and over. He quickly learned the simple technique of smoothing out the decals on the wall as well. The only ones I helped with were the ones where there were thin rails or handles, etc. that needed a little finesse to place straight and smooth.

I really enjoyed the whole experience with our Sunny Decals and so did my son. They were large, colorful, easy to affix, and fun to arrange into whatever my son's heart desired. He can't wait a few months or weeks or hours to change them around (I told him we could do that!) so he kept repeating and reminding me about that. This is a great eco-friendly addition to your green, clean home.

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  1. I love the idea of decals. My kids' rooms are only half decorated--I just never seem to get around to 'finishing' them, you know? They only play in there a bit and sleep there anyway. Part of me feels like decorating kids' rooms is more for mom and dad anyway.

  2. This is so cool. I had a felt board when I was young and spent so much time playing with the felt board. This is like an updated version of that. I think this would be such a wonderful thing for any young persons room.

  3. My sister-in-law are due within a week of each other, and I've been looking online for decals to gift the grandparents' for their baby room. These look like a lot of fun, and don't require repainting!