Living Simply: Lumenx Mountable Bicycle Light/Flashlight #Review #safety

Lumenx Mountable Bicycle Light/Flashlight #Review #safety

6:52 PM

Bicycles are not my speciality, but I do love a useful, multi-purpose gadget. This one just happens to be a bicycle accessory. The Lumenx Mountable Bicycle Light is one handy tool to have around. Hubby bikes to the train station for about half the year. By the time fall comes around it is pretty dark when he is trekking home and has never had a light. I know, not safe, but he is stubborn... Sometimes he works late too and comes home when it is dark in the summer. I feel better knowing he has a safer ride with this bike light.

The light is very simple to use and mount. Just load the batteries in the flashlight and you are set. I tried out the light indoors and was impressed with the coverage and distance of the beam. It can be changed from a square to a circle of light with a simple slide adjustment. Mounting on the bike handle was quick and simple as well. It goes on very secure and stays put. And there is the option for a flashing light instead of a beam. At first I thought I had broken it.

This light is rain-proof, a good thing because this summer has been fairly wet around here. The light is sturdy as well. It feels strong in your hand. If for some reason it does get jolted out of the holder, I am pretty sure it will survive unscathed. The LED bulbs are shockproof. This flashlight is made with military grade aluminum. Are you impressed? I am.

Considering that we can never find the household flashlights when we need one, I am glad to know that this one is always in the garage, easy to find and use, attached to hubby's bicycle. That is, unless, Tubby decides it needs to be on his bike!


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  1. This is soo cool! I need it! I bike nearly every day to and from work but this would be great for night bike riding,even in the city!

  2. I have never heard of this brand before. All of my grandchildren have bikes and we live across from a bike trail which they use all of the time. This light would benefit them a great deal and they would love it. The price isn't too bad either.

  3. I've never heard of this brand. We do have a lot of bikers and it would be a tremendous help in seeing them - even in daylight. Just like it's easier to spot a car in daylight with it's headlights on.

  4. Interesting! I bought a light for my hubby's bike at walmart and it didn't fit. I wonder if this one would!