Living Simply: Maintain Your Goods with Non-Toxic Leather Nova Leather Conditioner

Maintain Your Goods with Non-Toxic Leather Nova Leather Conditioner

7:45 PM

I have had a pair of leather boots for two decades. I love it. I have taken care of it with old fashioned shoe polish that I borrowed from my dad. I didn't know there was any other way to do that until I came across Leather Nova Leather Conditioner. I was eager to try it out with all the worn shoes Hubby has been trekking around downtown Chicago in all the years he has been working there.

It is really quite simple to use: squirt some on an applicator and wipe on whatever surface you wish to restore and protect. The bottle comes with an applicator but you can use a soft cloth or brush or whatever tool you feel would adequately cover the item. I say this because I found that the included sponge was too porous, it sucked up the conditioner so I wasn't sure how much would get on the shoes and let some on my hands while I was applying it. I would suggest gloves just to keep your hands clean. I also suggest using different applicators for different color items. I used the same one for the brown and black shoes, doing the brown pair first just for the reason I always imagine that color will darken anything else.

The conditioner is a sort of oily gel. It flows slowish and clear like a gel but feels oily on my hands. It started to soak into the leather as soon as applied. I managed to get the black shoes completely covered but had some issues getting it over the lace detailing of the brown shoes. I think I will have to figure out a small detailing applicator like a soft toothbrush for those types of areas. The shoes both looked richer and smoother after the conditioner dried. I will have to double coat the black pair because it has seen a lot of weather and wear. The bottle does recommend monthly use to keep your items in their best condition. I have to agree with that.

Overall I think this is a cleaner, smell-free alternative to traditional shoe polish or other pungent (and possibly toxic) leather treatments. Bonus, it makes the material waterproof and repellent.

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  1. Thank you for doing this review. I have been looking for a good leather treatment. I love that it isn't toxic smelling! Going to have to get some and see how it works for me.