Living Simply: Only Debest for Your Baby! #nontoxic #babygear #review #sponsored

Only Debest for Your Baby! #nontoxic #babygear #review #sponsored

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Choosing baby gear is hard. There are so many choices parents sometimes just don't know what is good to buy or even safe for little ones. If you want a green, clean option to keep in mind, then Debest naturally colored cotton clothing should be on your list. This is a new concept in the American market, while not certified organic, this cotton fabric is grown without pesticides and is not treated with toxic dyes or softeners or bleaches. It is certified OE 100 - that means all contents from yarn to fabric to finished goods are organic. It is the older version of organic certification and is basically an update away!

Debest offers subtle hues and simple patterns for baby's clothes. I love the soft tones. And the softness of the clothes. The sample we received was a hooded, footed sleeper. This was a combination I had only seen in European organic baby clothes.  I had received a similar piece (from another brand) for Tubbette as a gift from my Swedish sister in law and loved cocooning my new baby in the softness and warmth knowing that she was both safe and comfortable). I was impressed pulling the sweet piece out of the envelope and feeling the fabric as well.  This one was not only soft and thick and cozy, it was beyond cute.

The pattern was more than just hearts, it was two toned hearts. And although geared towards girls, it was not pink. The color was a beige-y cream base with cocoa and chocolate brown two-tones heart pattern. The hood boasted a cute bow detail and the biggest surprise, since you couldn't see it online, was that each little covered foot also had little bow details. It's a little big for Tubbette now, but she will grow into it and practically live in it once the weather changes this fall. She will be the cutest natural baby on the block! And yours can be too with Debest natural colored cotton clothes.

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  1. These are super cute and look so soft!

  2. This sleeper is adorable, I absolutely love the hood! And I really like that it is made with all natural cotton and is super soft, which is very important when clothing an adorable new baby!

  3. OH my!! Non toxic and seriously adorable!! Those bows!!! :o