Living Simply: Ditch the Mystery Chemicals - Use Tea Tree Oil #gogreen #nontoxic

Ditch the Mystery Chemicals - Use Tea Tree Oil #gogreen #nontoxic

7:10 PM

The beauty and health aisles are teeming with products that promote their anti-bacterial and disinfecting abilities. Have you ever checked how exactly they are accomplishing their claims? Most of the time the products don't even tell you; and you don't want to know, because most of the time it is not healthy at all. Ironic, right? How about a non-toxic alternative instead, gotten from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca tree - tea tree essential oil.

This is one thing you can add to your beauty and home routine that will eliminate the mystery and danger of those unknown chemicals, a glass bottle filled with tea tree oil from Apothecary Extracts. Once you make that purchase, you receive an ebook with more than fifty uses for it! I knew it was multifunctional but I had no idea it was on such a large scale.

You can use it for:
  • antiseptic spray (first aid)
  • sleepy time diffuser (aromatherapy)
  • all purpose cleaner (household)
  • soothing deodorant (health)
  • moisturizing oil treatment (beauty)
And those are just the ones that caught my eye. You will definitely be able to use this large bottle of tea tree oil for many, many different needs in your family.  I love the multi-purpose nature of this oil. And the scent. I actually like this product, no matter what mood I am in. That is pretty rare. 

Tea tree oil is in fact more of a watery liquid than an oil, like other essential oil. It is not messy to work with but you do need to use caution if you have sensitivities. Be sure to test out a diluted amount before you make any recipe that will touch the skin in the rare case of such sensitivities.

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