Living Simply: WIN a BabyBjorn Babysitter 8/29 US #free #babygear #newmoms

WIN a BabyBjorn Babysitter 8/29 US #free #babygear #newmoms

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Are you looking for a baby bouncer? The ergonomic Bouncer Balance Soft is a modernized version of the classic 1960s bouncer featuring soft fabrics and rounded edges. As expectant parents prepare for baby, they’re bombarded with endless options of baby bouncers, swings, rockers and gliders – all designed to make it easy to keep baby moving. But why is motion so important to babies? How does motion impact a baby’s development, and why is gentle movement one of the most reliable solutions to soothing a fussy little one?
Importance of Motion for babies The Vestibular System The science behind babies’ love for bouncing begins with the vestibular system, the complex path of chambers that make up the inner ear, responsible for sensing movement. According to neuroscientist Lise Eliot, Ph.D., author of Early Intelligence: How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Years of Life, by the time a baby is born, her vestibular system is fully developed and she’s already used it to sense her position in the womb. At six months of age, the vestibular system has reached peak sensitivity as babies become more skilled in initiating motor skills on their own. Research suggests that vestibular stimulation as a method to soothe fussiness is more effective than other techniques, including a parent’s voice or touch.
Movement and Baby’s Development Based on findings of a research study conducted in the 1970’s, the relationship between motor development and vestibular stimulation is believed to be strong. In the study, researchers evaluated the motor skills of babies who received mild stimulation and those who did not. The results showed that infants who received the stimulation saw advanced motor skills and reflex development compared to the infants who did not.
Methods of Motion Nothing can soothe a baby quite like a parent’s loving arms, but when holding your little one isn’t possible, a bouncing seat can serve as a comforting alternative. Look for bouncers like BABYBJÖRN’s Bouncer Balance Soft, which can grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood. This bouncer offers a safe and secure place for baby to play, rest and sleep—without the need for batteries. Bouncers like the Bouncer Balance Soft encourage a baby’s interaction with vestibular stimulation by rocking in response to his or her own movements. Avoiding bouncers that rely on battery-powered stimulation will eliminate the risk of a baby developing a dependency on movement for sleep.
Bouncing for Brain Health Most new parents quickly learn the importance of movement as a way to soothe their newborn baby, though many are unaware of the neurological and developmental benefits that can result. Understanding how vestibular stimulation aids in a child’s developing brain can help caregivers take a proactive approach in baby’s development while soothing her at the same time. Ready to get a gorgeous Baby Bjorn Bouncer for your precious little one? You can purchase one at leading retailers or online at Amazon.
About BABYBJÖRN ABSince 1961, BABYBJÖRN, a family-owned Swedish company, has manufactured high quality, innovative products for infants and toddlers. Best known as makers of baby carriers, BABYBJÖRN has more than 20 products in its portfolio. All BABYBJÖRN products are designed and tested in Sweden. The company works extensively to eliminate substances that are hazardous to health or the environment in the materials used in manufacturing BABYBJÖRN products. Available in 50 countries, BABYBJÖRN is a preferred brand with parents around the world. Their award-winning Swedish product designs guarantee safety, quality and style. BABYBJÖRN is headquartered in Solna, Sweden, just outside Stockholm. BabySwede LLC is the exclusive distributor of all BABYBJÖRN products in the United States and Canada.

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  1. I think the bouncing for brain health is interesting, would have thought the opposite.

  2. Vil rigtig gerne vinde den fine Bjørn Borg stol

  3. Infants who received the stimulation saw advanced motor skills and reflex development-I would have thought this to only be true as far as stimulation goes, meaning interaction with the parents/caregivers.

  4. thisis for the safety of the baby and then ilove ot use it for the baby to come

  5. I didn't know that bouncing promoted brain health in babies. I did know that movement soothed them, which is why most moms say to make sure you get a bouncer or swing for a newborn. I'm still looking for one!