Living Simply: Zoo Themed Fun: Storybook & Sketch Book Review #youngreaders #zoolife #craft

Zoo Themed Fun: Storybook & Sketch Book Review #youngreaders #zoolife #craft

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Tubby fell in love with books very quickly. It seems there is no book or publication with words that comes into the house that he doesn't have to inspect and investigate - I am referring to the monthly library newsletter and weekly store ads that he is excited to devour as soon as they arrive. He loves to tell me when something is half off or buy one get one free...I have created a sale superstar!

Back to books, I did not create the book hound that is this preschooler. He loves reading all naturally. Enter two zoo themed books into our collection. I have to say he was a little put off by 'The Zoo is Closed Today' by Evelyn Beilenson. We read it through the first time and he quickly closed it and said he didn't want to read it again. That is a rare thing. I asked him why and he said it was because the children were sad the zoo was closed. The story didn't end that way but that is what he came away with from the first reading. I had to reassure him that they were not sad for long, but he was skeptical....until one day...he brought me the book to read again! He thoroughly enjoyed the story and pictures. I think he loved the way the story was told, a little 'Seuss-esque', full of rhyme and humor.

'At The Zoo: Scratch and Sketch' by Lee Nemmers is a whole 'nother adventure, but not for reading. It is for budding artists and animal lovers of all ages who enjoy exploring and creating. The pages are have animal drawings that can be scratched to reveal fancy glitter or metallic backgrounds. There are also plain pages for you to create your own stunning masterpieces. I can't decide if I will share this with Tubby. It is too fun and brings back memories of the sketch books I had during my more creative days. This one is definitely fancier though. I did not have such snazzy pages upon which to doodle.

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  1. That is so sweet how much Tubby felt for the sad kids in the story <3

  2. If the book combines artistic elements of drawing with glitter, Lu is going to love it!

  3. Both of my girls love animals and I know they would love both of these. These are so cute.

  4. That's such a cool idea. I love the idea of adding an art component to the book. Instead of books always being about going to bed, it would engage the kids when it was "fun time" not bed time.

  5. The At The Zoo: Scratch and Sketch book sounds like so much fun! What a great way to engage young readers.

  6. Super fun!! My son and I are at the zoo twice a week!! He would totally love this set!!