Living Simply: Drug-Free Pain Relief at Home with #TruMedic TENS Massager #review

Drug-Free Pain Relief at Home with #TruMedic TENS Massager #review

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Physical pain is a part of a lot of people's lives, unfortunately. You can try a lot of things to get relief. Some are better than others. If you try drugs to ease the pain, that often ends up being a losing battle because your body will start to want more and more or just stop being affected by the medicine at all. What is a person to do if this happens or if you want to try something that is chemical-free and doesn't affect any other part of your body adversely?

There is the TruMedic Deluxe TENS electric pulse massager. I first heard about TENS when I was pregnant with my first and wanted to learn more about drug-free pain relief. I had no idea how this machine worked. I thought it looked like just another hospital machine. While I didn't take advantage of this technology, I did learn that TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

The TruMedic TENS unit is small and light. It is an easy at-home massager that allows you to place the electrode pads on any part of the body that needs it, choose your duration and intensity, and get relief! You can even use the quick select buttons for preset Back/Joint/Leg, etc. target areas.

There are no chemicals involved, no running to the store just to get more medicine, no waiting for a massage appointment in a nearby salon. The TENS unit is right there, ready to be used. And it is easy to use as well. The directions are easy to follow. Using it was a breeze. I tend to have back pain like most pain sufferers, and this 'nerve massager' was fantastic to use for physical relief. It is pretty cool to use as well, when you start thinking about the way it works!

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  1. This looks very interesting and I would love to try one to see if it worked for my pain.

  2. I have chronic lower back pain. This looks like something I need.