Living Simply: NaturaliDerm Organic Facial Moisturizer #winterskin #gogreen #liveclean

NaturaliDerm Organic Facial Moisturizer #winterskin #gogreen #liveclean

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I used to think that only thick, heavily 'formulted' lotions and potions would be able to help my dry skin. I would put on layers and layers of mostly artificial creams and assorted moisturizing products in the hopes of not getting cracked skin in the cold weather. My face was so sensitive that I would just end up with powdery flaking skin around my mouth and nose. It would then be a vicious cycle of putting on more product which would either get wiped off during eating or re-applying makeup, etc, instead of being absorbed and helping me feel moisturized and comfortable.

Then I switched to organic and natural products and oils, again still thinking that only thick and more substantial ones would work in this cold, severe weather. Well, after trying out oodles, I have realized two things. One, I do still like my thick creams for when I am heading outside and it is especially cold or windy. I do feel the difference on my sensitive face areas. Two, I prefer light or thinner potions and lotions for night time. That might sound counter-intuitive, since most night creams are just that, thick creams. But I find that since my face will soon touch my pillow and turn and usually sleep on my stomach, a thin lotion that absorbs quickly will be much more effective than a thick cream, which will take time to absorb and inevitably get smeared across my pillowcase.

NaturaliDerm is a crisp combination of organic and natural ingredients to soothe my skin. I love the aloe base and the consistency - and the fact that this basically disappears into my skin as soon as it is rubbed in. Besides the main ingredients shown above, this lotion features cucumber, rosemary and green tea extracts. Surprisingly, there is no odor whatever to this lotion, a wonderful way to go to bed, with no lingering scent  around my nose. I am not sure about the wrinkle reduction, since wrinkles form as part of being dehydrated, which I often am. But I will definitely keep this on my nightstand this winter. I love how it feels and that is is absorbed quickly before my head hits the pillow.

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