Living Simply: #Earthmonth FIND! Rockabye Rockers #musthave #madeintheusa

#Earthmonth FIND! Rockabye Rockers #musthave #madeintheusa

6:16 PM

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As a mom of three, I relish novel ways of keeping the littles happy and busy. I never thought that a rocker would manage to do that, but it did, will lots of smiles and cooperation. And that is surely worth the money! RockAbye found a formula for fun and function that is a dreamy addition to any nursery and is made in the USA.

When the boxes arrived with my chosen rockers, I was ready to be satisfied with the craftsmanship and bright colors, meant to amuse kids and satisfy parents with durable, quality components. What I was not ready for was the sound! Apparently I need to read descriptions a little better.

Why, you ask? Because I was surprised and a little perplexed with the songs that came from these big fluffy creatures once they started to rock. RockAbye is meant in that way literally, your child rocks and gets an upbeat lullaby (no sleeping possible though).

My middle was curious about Petals Fawn. She liked the look but didn't like the sound. She walked away saying so. She warmed up more once she saw me open Sweetie Bird. She even touched the buttons more than once and started dancing to the music. Baby sister joined in on the fun.

After a while everyone joined the party. They kept playing the song button over and over and over....and no one minded the volume. Except me. Oh, I do wish there was a volume control or off switch. Honestly, that is my only complaint! These rockers were soft but sturdy, strong but light enough for me to lift upstairs, and completely free of any toxic smell or residual off-gassing.

I can't wait to be awoken by dueling tunes, as Big and Little sister rival each other in button pressing. No rocking necessary. They are happy to stay on the rug dancing swaying and rocking to the songs.

RockAbye has loads of different characters and animals to choose from. I don't know how I managed to narrow down the choices to ones we got. But they sure looked good together. And the girls love them as well.

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