Living Simply: SPICE THINGS UP with Tai Pei Foods Easy Cook Entrees #InnerDragon #ic ad

SPICE THINGS UP with Tai Pei Foods Easy Cook Entrees #InnerDragon #ic ad

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This post was sponsored by Tai Pei and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

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This mama doesn't get out often, certainly not for a blogger event! I have been to 3 in the last 3 years and I was pregnant for 2 of them....I told hubby this and he was sure to mention that I was NOT pregnant this time...right?!

Well, I was not and I was looking forward to having some wine with my Chinese food tasting at the Tai Pei event downtown Chicago. On my way there were a few inevitable obstacles to this woman who finds herself a little clumsy and easily lost: I stepped out of my shoe trying to jaywalk my way across the street - I stepped on my ankle the next block trying to make up the time - I ended up looking for 45 instead of 54 and had to ask a random pedestrian (with children) for help.

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Suffice it to say, I made it! And it was worth the travails. This life hacks event was definitely more about a fun get together to taste some new food creations than a press event. I learned some tips from bloggers out of my niche and can tweak some of the hacks to my life with 3 children. A lot of the attendees were not parents so I found camaraderie with a fellow mom of several children.

Life Hacks everyone can adapt to their needs: capsule wardrobe and downsizing life in general.

  • The capsule wardrobe is downsizing your clothing options so that dressing is easy, stylish and stress free. I have used this technique for years when traveling for weeks at a time in Sweden. Packing in a carry-on is so freeing to your trip you won't believe the options it opens up to enjoying your travels.
  • Only food shopping for what you need, cooking what you have. This tip is HUGE. It is basically a way of reducing food waste and over-consumption that we are too used to in America. Cook what you have, make salads and soups and stews and one-pot meals so that food doesn't go to waste. 
While at the event we tried 3 of the newly packaged, easy to prepare, carefully crafted and flavorful Tai Pei meals. My fav by far was General Tso's spicy chicken. I love spice and this had it! I also loved the chicken eggrolls sans sauce. Was it the red wine? It added flavor but the crispness of the pastry and fully seasoned chicken and veggies made the appetizer pop.

I will definitely invest in a few of these for dinners when we just don't have time or want to spend more enjoying ourselves with a new movie or visitors. The varieties offer a lot of choice and a little spice for when you need just the right dash of flavor infusion. 

Find out about the goodness that goes into Tai Pei Asian food
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  1. It was great getting to talk with you at the event, Christine! I hope you and your family have a good weekend! :)