Living Simply: Throwback Thursday 😲👍💜 Look What I Stole at ToysRus - How to Get a DEAL on TOYS #tt

Throwback Thursday 😲👍💜 Look What I Stole at ToysRus - How to Get a DEAL on TOYS #tt

8:15 PM

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As a general rule, I avoid going to ToyRus at all costs. There is just too much stuff there. And I also think everything is too expensive. I do shop online because it is basically the same store as BabiesRus.  I ended up needing to return my purchases to the store so I trudged there yesterday. There was one good thing that came out of this dreaded trip,  I found this on fantastic deal! What a steal! I paid $32.99 for a $100 dollar Imaginarium Wood Police and Fire Station!!  Always check clearance stickers and sections, no matter what store - you will find them 😲👍💜

As we started taking the parts out I realized it would take a little while since my helpful toddler was checking out everything.

I gave him the vehicles which come in one piece. He decided the vehicles were good places to stash his train cars.

It took about one hour total.  It was pretty easy but I had to be careful in moving it since it stays together by slide and lock pieces.  That means you can't lift it up unless you put it on some type of board.  I just slid it across the floor closer to a corner so that it isn't in the middle of our house traffic.  Tubby loved opening the windows and the fire-truck entrance doors. And of course leaving the firemen, police men and their furniture all over the house :)

The only problems I encountered were that there were no screws included and the fireman pole couldn't fit into the hole in the roof to get it installed. For the first problem I managed to find some short, thick screws in Hubby's many tool boxes that fit securely.  For the second problem I will let Hubby use his drill to make the hole a little wider so we can get the pole into the building.  It doesn't take away from any of the fun though so no worries.

Fast forward and we still use and love this thing! The three littles have all adored it. Hubby says he wants to get rid of it but I just can't imagine doing that any time soon.

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  1. wow!!!! I am the same way about shopping there, but my niece and nephew always make their Christmas list from there so I went ahead and got a rewards card for the one time of year I shop there :(

  2. What an adorable toy! My Little Bit would love this :D

  3. I will never forget all the times when my mom would take my brother, sister and I to our local ToysRUs store when we were little. I have loved Geoffrey the Giraffe, their mascot for as long as I can remember. They have always had the best commercials but my all-time favorite has to be the 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail' song one they did for Easter. I feel sorry for kids today, the store used to be so much bigger with a lot of variety. I vividly remember looking through aisles of Barbie, She-Ra, and Jem dolls, and Halloween costumes!