Living Simply: Bump & Baby Event: Affordable Luxury with Bamboosa Bamboo Babygear #USAmade

Bump & Baby Event: Affordable Luxury with Bamboosa Bamboo Babygear #USAmade

8:17 PM

When you're stocking the nursery, you want the softest, cutest, longest-lasting eco-friendly items. I find that bamboo fits all those requirements. Bamboosa offers all the items you might need - clothing, bedding, blankets - and they are all 100% bamboo fabric as well as USA made. Talk about a one stop site that you can feel great about shopping!

We were lucky to receive two items in the gorgeous soft green, a hooded towel and fitted crib sheet. Both were extremely and dreamily soft, as expected. I was jealous, let me tell you, that these two were not large enough to accommodate my adult size. I liked that they came minimally packaged as well, just string and a paper label, no plastic or anything else to just throw away once the item is opened. That is another great attribute of Bamboosa, minimal waste.

The crib sheet could be termed slinky, just slightly. It was smooth and soft with a slight sheen. It reminded me of something luxurious while being accessible. After all, it is machine washable and dryable. Besides all that, this bamboo sheet will help keep baby dry and comfortable for those long stretches in bed. The towel was amazing as well. It is terry, like any absorbent towel, but it is lightweight, super soft and surprisingly thin. This towel dries much quicker than any other fabric you'll find with the same thickness. It boasts quite a generous hood, which seemed to swallow up quite a bit of my tiny one. I had to make sure I folded it up a little when we were drying off so that baby didn't think it was a tent for her to hide in. Nevertheless, it is a great feature as your kids grow since you will want to use this towel for years.

Bamboo is my favorite fabric for easy care and softness. The bamboo items at Bamboosa are organically grown and certified by USDA organic standards. When you choose any of the items, you know that your baby is in a safe, non-toxic fabric that will be good to her skin and the earth.

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  1. Minimal packaging is so awesome! I hate when I order "green" products and they come piled high in packing peanuts. lol.

  2. These look so soft and going green when caring for my grandbabies gives me a sense of pride

  3. I love that bamboo has become so popular. Made in the USA + made of sustainable bamboo fibers = a guilt free purchase.

  4. I love that it's made in the USA, but have you read the process of what they have to do to get the bamboo ready to make cloth? It isn't actually good for the environment. :(

  5. I love and appreciate great beautiful green products that are made in the USA. I wish I had access to all these beautiful green baby products when my kids were babies. Thankfully I can spoil my not yet 2 year old granddaughter. Thank you for an amazing review! Terri of Two Pink Peas

  6. I love organics. I love this store. They have so many awesome things. I think that organics for babies is perfect. They are so very precious.

  7. I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about bamboo!! I would love to try it someday!! So awesome for being organic and sustainable!!