Living Simply: Food, Facts & Fun with National Geographic Kids Books #review #eatclean

Food, Facts & Fun with National Geographic Kids Books #review #eatclean

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A lot of memories revolve around food. If you think about it, the smells and tastes from different memories are what make us recall them. Our lives revolve around food, but do you know about how the foods you eat help our bodies and the earth - or how you can use them to make more healthy choices? There's a fun way your family can learn and cook with National Geographic Kids! They have two food-themed books that are combination of bold pictures, fun facts, and recipes to enjoy foods you know and some new ones too.

National Geographic Foods for Health
This book is a resource as well as a beautiful album of bright photos of all types of food, categorized, and discussing the healthy benefits, how to pick the very best of the harvest and how it affects the planet in its growth and use. If you don't know about amaranth, here's the book to show you what it looks like, how to buy and use, as well as the many health benefits you can gain from adding it to some of your recipes.

National Geographic Kids Cook Book
This is much more than you would expect in any cook book, except for one by NG Kids! It is packed with knowledge, facts and pictures and tidbits you would not otherwise come across. Even if you've never thought of making your own pickles, there is a recipe so simple and flavorful, I want to do it myself...I have yet to come across the perfect pickle zest I want - have you? You don't need any special equipment other than a clean jar and ingredients you would find in any kitchen.

Both these books feature writing by celebrity chef Barton Seaver.  He brings his knowledge of multicultural foods as well as love for the planet in these engaging books. These books are a great way to get your family together and interested in something we all consume: foods of all shapes and colors and sizes.

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  1. My oldest son will love this book. He enjoys cooking and learning new recipes.

  2. My kids love to cook and would love this book!

  3. Love cooking with my kids, and they love it too! This would be great for us.

  4. It's great to get kids cooking. It helps them develop life long habits.

  5. Love the kids cook book!! So important to get kiddos involved in cooking and what they should be eating!! Very influential and important for when they grow up!

  6. What a great way to get kids to be interested in nutrition, and enjoy real foods! Cooking is so great, they will never be bound by fast food!

  7. Can't do better than National Geographic! I have magazines from years ago, and they are still some of my favorites. The photos are just incredible. I bet these would be great for the kids.