Living Simply: Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike, Sport Edition #teamlittletikes #giftidea

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike, Sport Edition #teamlittletikes #giftidea

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We've got a few Little Tikes toys around the house, including dueling pianos {hint, see instagram}! None of them required I had Hubby do it...he was bored that day. He happily trotted off to the garage with the big box containing our new 4 in 1 Sport edition Trike. It didn't take very long and he mentioned a few times that it was also very easy.

Tubbette is not quite the age recommended, 9 months, but we ventured out anyway! There are lots and lots of belts and buckles on the seat harness so I felt she was totally secured in it. We did cross her legs over the crossbar though since she doesn't touch the foot pads or pedals as yet, so that her little bottom wouldn't have to take all her weight.

I think this is called a Sport edition of the Trike because it features some unique things:
  • moveable, positionable sun hood
  • heavy duty all-terrain wheels
  • both an upper and lower place to stash your belongings
  • cup holder for the driver (adult, I mean) 

This is a 4 in 1 item which versatility. Your child can have different versions to go along with her developmental play stage. Or yours, depending on when you want to let go and let her ride! Both Hubby and I loved pushing our little one in the Trike. We didn't realize until we were on the way back home from the park that the push bar can actually be used to steer the front wheels...that is what you get for not reading the instructions. We also realized that the top luggage bag attachment was not in fact attached...since it was still sitting in the garage. This is a great idea since you don't want everyone to know what you are carrying around and it keeps things from falling to the ground in the case of you going off-roading.

Shall we talk about the off-roading?! This Sport Trike has unbelievably wide, sturdy wheels. All are three inches wide, flat and fully threaded. They remind me of ATV wheels except I have never been near one...I have been on a snow scooter. And I think we will take this out for a spin the first time I have to pick up Tubby at school and see how it does on unshoveled sidewalks. Wish me luck. We will be well layered up, no worries about the cold.

And in conclusion, Tubbette says it best! 

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  1. You are funny. I love that you did "off roading" :) Looks like quite the fun trike. I like that it can be customized for the different ages.

  2. My daughter has another brand of this type of trike. I like the handles for the adult, seems that it would much easier to steer.

  3. This is so neat and would be really handy to have for my son.

  4. This is really cute. Would make a nice gift. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the moveable sun shade!! We have the radio flyer version of this trike and we had to remove the sunshade early because our son was too tall for it!! This looks like a great little bike!! I love all the clips and bindings so you can use it with younger kiddos!!

  6. I really like this. I think I need one now. I like the sun shade and the storage bin

  7. OMG!! she is such a doll and that bike is just too cute, I love that its easy to push and has
    a place for starage.

  8. What a great bike. I love the luggage area and the fact she is securly strapped in.

  9. What a great trike! It looks perfect for my daughter.

  10. This is so cute! I like how it has a sun hood, places to put your stuff and cup holdeholder. This would be good for my youngest niece

  11. Love that this can grown with the child, totally worth purchasing!

  12. I LOVE the nickname you gave your daughter!!
    I could just eat those cheeks! This bike has a lot of what a little lady needs to go off or on road and the color pink is not necessary! As long as it is a Step2 bike! We have a few of their toys and they are very durable and last for a LONG time! She'll have fun with it for a long time!