Living Simply: 3 Easy Tips to Financial Wellness @CapitalOne360 #FinancialPeace

3 Easy Tips to Financial Wellness @CapitalOne360 #FinancialPeace

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Managing finances is not something that we are not really taught in school. It is something you learn from family or through experience or research. I grew up in a frugal household. Migrating to the United States involved leaving our life and livelihood - a huge adjustment. I was just a child but I now realize the sacrifices my parents had to make to take this big step. One of those was not being able to give me and my siblings everything we wanted  but we did get everything we needed. And we were content. My parents were able to provide for us by working and saving and by prioritizing needs versus wants. They scrimped and saved up a down payment on a house so that we could move out of our apartment in just 3 years.


These days my parents are more than happy to spoils us and their grand kids around the holidays because they still follow their careful spending habits. As a parent now, I am also able to give my children all they need, within reason, by using those same ideals. Being financially responsible means paying bills on time and not incurring unnecessary fees. For being financially responsible for over a decade, both my husband and I have earned an 800+ credit rating. There are simple steps we take to keep ourselves financially well. It is really quite simple for anyone to get and keep a good score and good credit.

First and most important: pay bills on time. It is that easy: pay bills on time! This rule helps you avoid those fees that just keep piling on top of each other as soon as you fall behind. The best way to keep those bills and payments on track is to automate and e-pay whenever possible. Everything can be done online these days, so use the internet to your financial advantage!

  • Get your bills emailed to you - use a dedicated email.
  • Set up auto pay - you'll never forget to pay.
  • Use direct deposit with your paycheck -  who has time to deposit checks?

Capital One 360 wants to reward you with savings and bonus offers this holiday season so that you can exercise your financial muscles and stay on top of your spending. Both their savings and checking accounts earn interest - free money for you! Check out the products you can use to keep yourself financially well and enjoy the season a little more with no money worries. You are on the right track with these tips!

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Christine is a multi-cultural mama living in a bilingual household with her husband and two children. Before entering the blogging world, she worked in the corporate world. She currently spends her days exploring and learning with her children while trying to make every day earth day. Her dream is to retire in the sunshine of a pristine New Zealand shore.

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  1. This has some great tips for improving and maintaining a good credit score! Very helpful!

  2. This is good advice, but doesn't make me dread the holidays any less.

  3. This doesn't really affect how I feel about holiday does make me wish my job or my husband's job offered direct deposit, though!

  4. Great tips. Especially the idea about having bills emailed to a dedicated email. That is really smart.