Living Simply: Boho Mama Wrap, Making Public Breastfeeding Worry-free & Stylish

Boho Mama Wrap, Making Public Breastfeeding Worry-free & Stylish

8:55 PM

When you become a mama, you want to do what's best for baby. Nothing should step on the way of that. Breastfeeding is one of those things we take for granted at home. After all, we are feeding our children the way nature intended, so what is there to think about? In reality, once we step out to door, people have different opinions than we might have anticipated. That is where the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap comes in. It helps us do what we need to do without worrying about prying eyes or unnecessary comments, all the while doing it in comfort and style.

Reasons to love the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap:

  • Unique to you, it can be worn 12 different ways!
  • Simple to take care of and travels well folded or rolled up.
  • Bamboo fiber content that is soft, silky and smooth.
  • Beautiful neutral pale gray with just a little sheen.

I looked over the different ways this wrap/cover-up could be worn and decided that the scarf version was the one for me. Not only do I love scarves, I have quite a few, but I loved the feel of this fabric. Its softness makes me never want to take it off. And I am glad that this same softness was draped near baby when she was feeding. Its smoothness also aids in the adjusting of it when you do need to shield yourself or baby for private breastfeeding.

This pretty wrap will be used often in the upcoming month as we travel on an airplane for 8 hours, with the usual airport waiting as well, where I will need to feed Tubbette not only privately and in comfort, but without distractions for baby. This little one is curious about every person, every sound, everything! She gets easily mislead when she starts feeding.

Consider getting this beautiful, stylish and simple item for yourself or as a baby shower gift. It is versatile so that even non-breastfeeding moms will be able to use it and enjoy the soft, stretchy, sleek bamboo. GET yours at a huge discount, 50% off with code ARKRLDUS.
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Christine is a multi-cultural mama living in a bilingual household with her husband and two children. Before entering the blogging world, she worked in the corporate world. She currently spends her days exploring and learning with her children while trying to make every day earth day. Her dream is to retire in the sunshine of a pristine New Zealand shore.

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  1. Do what works for you. Sometimes we cover up. But most of the time we nurse in public now without a cover.

  2. this sounds like a great product. I love the versatility and that it can be worn 12 ways. I know several friends that would love this

  3. My cousin is expecting her first and I think she would like the scarf one as well. Sounds real nice and something she'd get a lot of use out of

  4. I'm definitely going to want a cover, and I like that this one can be worn so many different ways. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I wish there were more pictures of this being used. It sounds really interesting. Definitely going to look into it more

  6. I like that they make these wraps for breastfeeding Moms. It is much better that throwing a blanket over the babys head!

  7. Sounds so convenient!! Love the versatility!!