Living Simply: If #PeeHappens Stop it with Intimina KegelSmart #PostPartum #Health

If #PeeHappens Stop it with Intimina KegelSmart #PostPartum #Health

7:22 AM

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New mamas, if there is one thing they don't tell you about when you have a baby (but really, there are a lot of things you find out yourself) it is that pee happens. It is a little annoying and unexpected. What is a woman to do? Well, good news, you can stop it with a few simple daily exercises. KegelSmart is ready to help you tone up and feel like new, comfortable, confident and dry!

KegelSmart 'coaches' you with exercises based on your kegel strength and need. Pretty smart, right? This new product is a great solution to this little pee problem that may sneak up on us new mamas. Check out the details at

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  1. Interesting. I was just talking about this subject with a friend of mine. Such a big problem for so many women. thanks for sharing this information. Should be talked about.

  2. Good to know!I have been having this problem ever since I became a momma of 2 boys.

  3. This sounds great. I will have to go see if I can get this myself. Thanks!