Living Simply: Got Sad {Winter} Skin? Nature Beautanicals to the Rescue! #nontoxic #beauty

Got Sad {Winter} Skin? Nature Beautanicals to the Rescue! #nontoxic #beauty

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If you don't have winter, then you are lucky! But for the rest of us, winter wreaks havoc on our skin, especially our faces, which are always, always exposed to the elements: wind, snow, double-reflected sunlight and just plain cold. We lose moisture because of the heating indoors and need to replenish our bodies more seriously than in any other weather. You can eat and drink healthy, but your skin still needs a little extra TLC to be its best.

That is where Nature Beautanicals comes to your skin's aid.  With their Dead Sea salt scrub, Facial Recovery Blend, and Blemish Corrector, you are set with your facial care regimen. These products are all made with natural and organic ingredients which pack a nutrient and moisture rich punch to the products. And the scents aren't half bad, either. :)

Exfoliation is key to healthy skin. It gets off dead skin cells so that new ones can replace them. The sea salt scrub is an invigoration way to exfoliate and get some aromatherapy in as well! It is the first step to skincare repair and recovery. When I opened the jar of scrub, I was met with a rich, fresh invigorating scent. The lavender and peppermint oils certainly made their marks in this combination. The salt is pretty course so I recommend going easy with it if you are not familiar with salt scrubs or if you have sensitive skin. I used it sparingly and got good results.

Moisture is the next step in your regimen. Facial Recovery Blend is your thirsty skin's friend. It is a blend of almond oil and a few other organic and natural essentials oils, including Rose, my personal favorite! It comes out in a welcoming scent when you open the bottle and apply just a few drops around your newly cleaned face. It absorbs fairly quickly so you don't have to worry about oil getting anywhere else besides your skin, in case you are also an oil-based beauty neophyte.

Finally, your regimen is not complete without the Blemish Corrector. Everyone has some discoloration or dull issues at some point, some more than others. This product comes with a a sponge wand similar to those in lip glosses. It helps you target exactly those spots that need the most attention. It is recommended to use several times a day until the area is clear. It is just 3 ingredients, but I find that the combination is a little much for me to use more than once daily. Maybe I will find it a little more effective in summer, when I have my natural oils flowing to protect my sensitive face better.

Nature Beautanicals also offers a Cooling Scalp Treatment which helps with dandruff and thining hair. I didn't try this one but I am sure curious! How about you? Which of these products do you think would be a great addition to your skincare routine, any season?

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  1. Yes, I have sad winter skin. This would be good to try.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I have sad dry skin! This dry Colorado winter is brutal. I love a good natural moisturizer, thank you for the review!

  3. I'm curious to try the Facial Recovery Blend because I've never used essential oils on my face. I'd also like to try the Blemish Corrector.

  4. I would try these products. I think this winter has been especially harsh for many of us on the East coast. We aren't used to so much much snow and prolonged low temps.

  5. I want to try the Dead Sea Salts Facial Scrub. I could really use it.

  6. These sound really nice! I wonder if it would work well on my oily skin!

    -Hannah Avery or

  7. I would love to try out the facial scrub!

  8. These Nature Beautanicals products sound great, I'd love to try them. I would really love to try that Cooling Scalp Treatment. Thank you for sharing this review.