Living Simply: Happy Superfoods: Happiest Baby Organic Foods #gogreen #eatclean

Happy Superfoods: Happiest Baby Organic Foods #gogreen #eatclean

8:32 PM

I am now entrenched in the parent child battle known as learning solids...I call it a battle this time around because Tubbette is not happy ingesting anything that is not breast milk....Tubby was the total opposite. He relished everything that we fed him. He devoured it, quickly. Not this little lady. She is picky. Picky.

I read that you need to feed a baby something 20 times before she will accept it and eat it. So far we have only had the pleasure of trying a handful of things that didn't come right back out her mouth. Happy Family is gonna help us add to that total. Their line of organic baby foods, snacks, drinks and pro biotic powder mixes (we used the multigrain with Tubby) are full of real nutrition and real food. They sent us a wonderfully simple, perfectly coordinated review package: coupons to choose what was best for our needs, a reusable shopping bag, and an organic bib! That was a fun surprise.

We are still working our way up to combinations, slowly. I have mixed individual packets of vegetables or fruits with quinoa and brown rice to test and add a little bit of substance. Since we are a food-allergy family, I also have to add fat in the form of organic oils (olive or coconut) to make up for our non-consumption of milk fat from which most children are getting their full-fat requirement. Happy Family does also offer products that are allergy friendly, you can see the product info here. I am a little sad to see that some are 'made on equipment shared with milk' {a common occurrence, us label readers find among the vast majority of foods, no matter the brand} since that means my littles may get some distress from eating those varieties, even though the ingredients themselves pose no allergy trigger.

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  1. That is how feeding my second one was too. He wasn't as enthusiastic as my first. We love their puffs

  2. My sister bought these products for her daughter. She loved them.

  3. These look like great products for kids to eat since they are organic.

  4. Love Happy family so much!! My son was addicted to those puffs lol!! Eating them by the handful!!

  5. I'm hoping to make my own baby food but their products would be great for when we're traveling!

  6. Thank you for the review, my son will be eating in a couple months and i have a few of theses packets to try!