Living Simply: Bullet-Proof Your Hands! Oven Glove Pro Review #kitchen #musthave

Bullet-Proof Your Hands! Oven Glove Pro Review #kitchen #musthave

8:50 PM

Some kitchen tools are just too fun. Oven gloves are one of those things. It is all well and good that they protect your hands, but it is also fun that they look like fabric and are made of professional grade materials! Oven Glove Pro are made of Kevlar. That's bullet proof material. It saves people from bullets! Now you can have a pair of gloves to use in your kitchen that will keep your hands safe in the oven (from blazing hot metal = bullets).

No joke. These gloves feel just like thick fabric but they are a lot better than any ordinary oven mitts. They are not the padded cotton ones that only allow you to hurriedly grab your pan from the oven and quickly put it down. These modern oven gloves are made of a combination of Kevlar and nomex to keep the heat off your skin and help deflect any danger from sticking your hands in the oven. It doesn't even feel like you are reaching in, so you can get a good grip on the pan and then slowly and carefully place your (usually heavy) baking dish somewhere to cool.

I really like these gloves. They fit my little hands securely and help me keep my clean record of not burning myself getting things out of the oven while reaching between the different racks. I have a family history of aunts and a mother who all have scars on their forearms from doing just that: touching some 300 degree oven part without the proper protection. I am sure hubby will want to try these as soon as he pulls out the barbecue since things get hot on his forearms when he is rotating pieces of meat and such on his beloved grill.

Oven gloves are a necessity I believe. Why take the chance that those silicone robot gloves will stay on while you are deep in the hot oven? Get a pair of these and they will protect your hands and hold the pans securely with the special silicone striped grips. I cannot see any drawback with these gloves. I even plan on throwing them in the wash monthly so that I don't end up with a grease fire or such because of messy buildup.
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  1. I really could use these gloves! Picking up a big turkey with a full grip will be great!!

  2. These are awesome! I bought a pair, and love them. My hands are tiny, and they still fit me. It is so nice to be able to grab pans without worrying.

  3. I'd love to have an Oven Glove! Sometimes using a square potholder doesn't cover all the area on a pan that I'm trying to handle.