Living Simply: Immortellé Organics Nourishing Eye Serum #bbloggers #crueltyfree

Immortellé Organics Nourishing Eye Serum #bbloggers #crueltyfree

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Wrinkles sneak up on you. You don't notice them and then one day, they are everywhere. I have always had some tiny, mini crow's feet in the corner of my eyes. I knew that. But one day I realized that I have lines under my eyes and across my lids...! What is a girl to do?! First of all, stop calling yourself a girl if you have wrinkles. Second, get a good eye serum. A really good one.

This woman has got a bottle of botanical beauty balm, well, serum, but that wasn't very alliterative. Immortellé Organics Nourishing Eye Serum is a little bottle of botanical bliss. It is USDA organic and cruelty free and full of healing and nourishing plant ingredients. The smell will blow you away. The effect will knock you down. In other words, hold onto your hat.

- Organic rosehip seed oil deeply moisturizes, hydrates, firms and tones
- Organic pumpkin seed oil increases collagen and elastin and promotes new cell growth/repairs damaged skin
- Organic Blue Chamomile essential oil is soothing and calming, reduces puffiness and swelling, and protects
- Organic Helichrysum essential oil reduces skin discoloration, dark spots and stimulates tissue regeneration
- Organic Geranium essential oil is calming, moisturing, anti-flammatory and revitalizes skin tissue

You just need a drop on your fingertip, spread around the outer area below your eyes, outer corner, and I still had some left over to spread the healing powers to my eye lids as well. I stayed in the middle because that is where my main new creases are forming. You can also use this on the lip area. Double plus!!

After I got over the scent, which I love! I could literally feel the serum working. I felt tightened like magic under my eyes. I am not certain if it was the puffiness or what but something sure was happening. I liked the new tightened feeling. It felt the same in my crow's feet area as well. I almost wanted to put on more and more but then I realized that  I need to do this daily and not over consume and waste the benefits.

I wished I had found this sooner, like years before I had children, so that I could be wrinkle free for a few years longer. Now I am destined to merely control the wrinkles with this heavenly scent and powerful plant properties. At least I have to comfort of looking forward to my new favorite aroma from the geranium blend. If you don't have to worry about lines as yet, this is the best time to grab a bottle! You will not regret it.

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