Living Simply: My Life | Have We Found the Woman with No Purse?

My Life | Have We Found the Woman with No Purse?

7:02 AM

In case you haven't followed this little mystery series, feel free to check out post 1, and post 2.

Here is the new focus of our mystery, a lady walking without a purse. And she has the attention of the man who is in possession of one....

Conclusion: This is the LADY the PURSE belongs to. Why else is the man's attention now drawn up to her coming from the bathroom(?), sans purse!?

Oh the mystery continues though, because when we had a chance to find out some details and fill in some mysterious holes, the door was abruptly slammed shut. By the MAN.

This is an on-going saga I have been "given permission" to blog about.

What do you think about that?
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Christine is a multi-cultural mama living in a bilingual household with her husband and two children. Before entering the blogging world, she worked in the corporate world. She currently spends her days exploring and learning with her children while trying to make every day earth day. Her dream is to retire in the sunshine of a pristine New Zealand shore.

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