Living Simply: Feel and Look Amazing with You! Lingerie #maternity #fashion

Feel and Look Amazing with You! Lingerie #maternity #fashion

8:51 PM

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When you get pregnant, you give up a lot of stuff. While most of that is to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and baby, some are things you might think you don't want or need or just plain don't think about. Well, let me tell you, this one sure surprised me: lingerie.

For nursing. For maternity. For being a beautiful you.

You! Lingerie knows how to make women feel amazing while pregnant and while breastfeeding, which anyone who has been pregnant or been through a nursing stumbling block, can be a hard road with few positives. These beautiful pieces of lingerie are not only bright and pretty, they are functional! And they fit well.

Finding good fitting underwear is generally a hard task when you're not pregnant or nursing, but You! lingerie offers sizes ranging from little old me, 32B to 38J (at least in the set I wear, Mia). The bra is adjustable on 4 hook adjustments. I am currently on the third so when my ribs come back together after birth, this bra will adjust with me.

In terms of nursing comfort and ease, the bra unhooks on the strap like usual, but there is no sling (that little bit of fabric that seems to be in the way when you are not as big as before or just has elastic straps that hold up the bottom of the bra. I think that is genius. It is strong and supportive but won't get in the way. It also means the bra fits better because there isn't a second layer of fabric sitting under the cup making wrinkles underneath or mis-shaping your full and/or empty breasts.

I love that this bra is also part of a set. I don't have may of those, but this beautiful lace-back panty was was a perfect compliment to the lace-trimmed bra. It also fit well, considering that my derriere and entire hip area have expanded a lot. The lace didn't move or bunch or itch. It was the perfect compliment to the comfortable and functional bra.

You! Lingerie has you covered indeed. Quite literally, it takes care of you while you take care of your baby. Invest in a few of these pieces and feel beautiful before and after baby.  There is even a more affordable line that just debuted at Walmart. You! has you budget conscious moms in mind too.

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  1. Seriously so adorable!! I remember feeling the farthest thing from attractive or sexy while pregnant but wearing this cuteness would've really raised my spirits!!