Living Simply: 5 Green Beauty Buys $5 and Under #beautyblogger

5 Green Beauty Buys $5 and Under #beautyblogger

8:56 PM

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Many people think that being green and living clean costs more money than using the cheaper and conventional products. Well, let me tell you, there are some great products out there that you can find for cheaper than conventional - and you're not paying for their advertising budget!!

Who doesn't love a bargain? Not only will these green beauty buys save you money, they will also save your body from unnecessary chemicals that you find in conventional products. You want glowing, soft skin, right, not toxic build-up making you slowly sick?

I could not believe my eyes when I browsed the Beauty sections of TJMaxx, Marshalls and Ross. These are all $5 or under and were new to me with the exception of one brand. These products are free of artificial chemicals and preservatives and contain only natural and organic ingredients with numerous benefits.

1. A La Maison Hypoallergenic Bar Soap - Unscented $5 TJMaxx
2. Alaffia Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion  - Unscented $5 TJMaxx/Marshalls
3. Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Lotion - Lotus Flower Guava $5 TJMaxx/Marshalls
4. Earth's Best Sensitive Skin Lotion - Fragrance Free $5 Marshalls
5. Petal Fresh Guava Nectar Body Butter $4 Ross

You can add a few of these to your skincare routine, making you a green maven with little effort and less money. There are a lot of varieties of bar soap, which saves you tons of money on buying the liquid soaps for bath and hands, and also don't require tossing or recycling plastic! Win. Win. Just keep the soap dry between uses and it will last. I opted for the guava lotions because I am a guava lover but those brands also have a few different ingredient options to choose from in case you don't want to smell like the Caribbean fruit. :)

Better run out and grab some before everyone snatches them up. Which one(s) are you ready to try?
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Christine is a multi-cultural mama living in a bilingual household with her husband and two children. Before entering the blogging world, she worked in the corporate world. She currently spends her days exploring and learning with her children while trying to make every day Earth Day. Her dream is to retire in the sunshine of a pristine New Zealand shore.

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  1. This will come in really handy!
    Usually I just get those free samples online or from Target stores. I will totally have to recommend these to my sister. She is a total bargain hunter and beauty maven.