Living Simply: Royal Rose Hydrating Serum #valentia #beauty

Royal Rose Hydrating Serum #valentia #beauty

8:33 PM

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I've tried a few of Valentia's beauty products, and this is another great one. It is potent and non-toxic, exactly the characteristics you want in every product, right? Royal Rose Hydrating Serum has organic and natural ingredients that are carefully chosen, targeted and perfectly combined. It is a little bottle that packs a punch right where you need it. Just apply a few drops and your skin will be soothed and soft and sweet.

You cannot go wrong with a rose scented product in my opinion. It is a classic and beloved floral with skin and aroma benefits. Enjoy it on multiple levels! 

In adition, Valentia products are Cruelty-free and Made in the USA. 

It's a great option for all wanting a little more glow and a little sweet pick-me-up in her (or his, I don't judge) skincare routine.

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