Living Simply: 5 Reasons to Love the #OishiiKitchen Pour Over Coffee Brewer

5 Reasons to Love the #OishiiKitchen Pour Over Coffee Brewer

6:50 PM

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There are lots of ways to eat clean and go green and live a waste-free lifestyle. Did you know that one of those ways involves a lot of people's favorite habit: that daily cup of coffee? The Oishii Kitchen Pour Over Brewer is it. It is made of stainless stain micro mesh and requires no replaceable/disposable paper filter. Just pour and wait. Voila, coffee. And it is pretty darn snazzy to look at.

Here the top 5 reasons to love the Oishii Kitchen Pour Over Brewer  

Style: you will not find a more visually appealing way to brew your coffee (okay, one exception I won't mention here, but hint: I reviewed it)

Taste: the flavor is unmarred by any plastic or paper components of the traditional coffee filters

Green-ness: no paper, no waste.

Ease of use: set on top of cup, put in granuals, pour hot water

Ease of care: rinse and let air dry between uses

Bonu$ attribute: will $ave you money on not buying filters over and over!

Okay, so there are at least 6 reasons to love this green way to brew your daily java. Or you can just buy it as an art piece and stare at its shininess and spiral form. I did that for a while when I first opened the package. Fun and functional, can't go wrong there!

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  1. I love coffee so much, this is going to come in very handy. I appreciate the nice review, and the great information on helping me locate a great coffee maker.

  2. I love coffee and it would be great to make coffee without the paper filter.