Living Simply: Make Your Dollar Count, Help Girls in South Africa #LilyCupProject #zerowaste

Make Your Dollar Count, Help Girls in South Africa #LilyCupProject #zerowaste

11:30 PM

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I have had the pleasure of trying a few of Intimina's products and I count myself lucky to have done so. Can you imagine life without a necessity that every girl needs? Worrying about when your period comes and having to stay home because you don't have or can't afford menstrual supplies?

Don't know about menstrual cups and how useful they can be? Here is the fun, educational video.

Intimina is spearheading a campaign that will help girls in South Africa by donating their reusable Lily Cup for a fraction of the price. For every dollar raised, they will donate a cup! That is amazing. Help a girl (or ten!) and donate to this very worth cause.

Indiegogo campaign: LilyCupProject  
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