Living Simply: URGENT #Aleppo Needs You - All is Lost But HOPE #StandwithAleppo

URGENT #Aleppo Needs You - All is Lost But HOPE #StandwithAleppo

11:00 PM

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Circumstances beyond your control mean your home has been destroyed, your belongings are underneath the rubble, you have no way to keep warm and no way to feed your family. This is how the desperate and brave Syrians who were able to walk in the cold weather to safety feel.

Let's show these people who were forgotten by world leaders that we care! There are a few aid agencies in safer parts of Syria who are ready to help but are in need of supplies for winter for these newly displaced East Aleppo residents. They often have just the clothes on their backs, a blanket for baby, and not much more.

It is physically and psychologically wrenching living in a warzone, and I imagine most of us feel disconnected from such experiences. Thanks to social media, we can learn and empathize with those living the dire circumstances as they share these experiences with us almost instantly. Let's show them we do care. 
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