Living Simply: $50 book blast GIVEAWAY The Battle for Christmas | WORLDWIDE #sorteo #concours

$50 book blast GIVEAWAY The Battle for Christmas | WORLDWIDE #sorteo #concours

11:30 PM

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battle-for-christmas The Battle for Christmas by Jeremy Hinshaw After training and practicing for the auditions, Andy's friends excelled. Andy, however, failed miserably. When the positions were posted, his worst fears came true - he was the only angel not given a job for the birth of Lord Jesus. Would Andy be the only angel not to have an assignment for this climactic event? How did Heaven defend Bethlehem from the onslaught of Lucifer and his horde of demons? amazon add to goodreads Excerpt Excerpt #1 “Who’s Andy?” one of the little ones asked. “This is outrageous! I’m going to tell you the story of the birth of Lord Jesus …” The nursery erupted with groans again. “But …” Stephen raised his hands to quiet them. “I’m going to tell you about Andy the Angel and how Lord Jesus’s birth really happened.” David floated back to the ground and looked at Stephen with distrust. The small angels murmured and mumbled questions. “Whaddya mean, ‘How it really happened?’” one small angel asked. “It’s written in the Bible, and we all have heard it, read it, and recited it countless times—and who is Andy?” “Yes, yes. You’ve read it in the Bible.” Stephen raised his hands again to quiet the dissention. “And what the Bible says is true, but it’s written for men and how they saw the events of that day. It’s not the only account of that blessed day. “You see, many of us in Heaven worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen. There were some moments when we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to pull it off. We fought off demons, helped humankind bring about fulfillment of Scripture, and did many other things to make sure Lord Jesus’s birthday was going to happen. “Of course, if you don’t want to know how it happened here in Heaven, or what happened to Andy, that’s fine …” Excerpt #2 “Recently, Michael went to speak with the Romans,” Gabriel said. “He has convinced the Romans to tax the Jews for the second time. He will be returning to set the course for the Jews to appeal the tax. This will delay the tax long enough to set in motion the Lord Almighty’s timetable to send His Son to Earth.” He motioned to Michael. Michael simply nodded as he stared blankly across the room. “I spoke to the priest Zechariah,” Gabriel said. “I told him that he and his wife will have a child. This child will be the one from the desert preparing those for our Lord Almighty’s birth.” Gabriel laid the scroll down to his right, placed both elbows on the table, and interlocked his fingers in front of him as if in prayer. The table creaked from the weight of his massive forearms. Gabriel was always direct and to the point. “All angels will be needed for this event,” Gabriel continued. Excerpt #3 “We had to send angels to Earth to speak to people in dreams. Because of what was going to happen, some of the humans needed direct communication from Heaven to prepare for His Majesty’s birth. IDTs would be needed as guards for John the Baptist, Elisabeth, and Zechariah, not to mention Herod, the scribes, the wise men, the shepherds, and the …” “The shepherds needed guards?” “What about Mary and Joseph?” “Well, of course, the shepherds needed protection. What would happen if the Heavenly Host showed up to proclaim the Lord’s birth and no one was there? Everyone needed protection. The day Lucifer tricked Eve, the Lord Almighty cursed Lucifer. The Lord Almighty warned Lucifer that Lord Jesus was going to crush his head and Lucifer would be lucky to strike at Lord Jesus’s foot. Lucifer didn’t want this to happen. He knew if Lord Jesus was going to be born, it would be another step closer to his demise.  
  jeremyAuthor Jeremy Hinshaw Jeremy Hinshaw grew up in central Indiana. He graduated from Olivet Nazarene University, and now resides in Muncie, Indiana.

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