Living Simply: Surround Your Family with Sustainable Caboo Paper Products #gogreen #liveclean

Surround Your Family with Sustainable Caboo Paper Products #gogreen #liveclean

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I grew up loving sugar cane, because it could be peeled and chewed as a sweet, natural snack, and I didn't get many of those! Little did I know that same stalk, which no longer had its precious sugar, could be used again in a surprising and useful and sustainable way!

Caboo brings you home care products that are made with sugar cane and bamboo in the most sustainable way I have seen green waste used! Bamboo and sugar cane stalks grow quickly and replenish themselves without any extra care. This fact makes them much more sustainable a paper base then any tree out there. Further, once sugar is harvested from sugar cane, the dried stalks are used along with bamboo to make soft, absorbent, biodegradable paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue.

I was not sure what to expect from these products before I got my hands on some. I was impressed for sure. Not only are they soft, they are strong. And they are biodegradable!! This was a huge plus for me, as I am not a fan of disposable paper towels or tissue....but sometimes you have to use it and if you have littles (or a husband...), sometimes you have to use a lot!

The texture is not super thick or quilted like you have been told you need to get'clean and fresh' but it works. The toilet paper was a little more delicate but doubling up when needed was no problem. The papertowels were just perfect, though. I had no problem using just one thin sheet to absorb the spill on our hardwood floors and then throwing it in the compost bin! That was the best part. I am saving the tissue for the next big sickness outbreak.

In case you couldn't tell, the name Caboo comes from cane + bamboo. Pretty neat name for a pretty neat product line. Give you home, kitchen or bathroom a helpful, sustainable facelift with high-renewable sugarcane and bamboo paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissue!

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