Living Simply: Delightful New Books from Flower Pot Press #kidsbooks #summerfun

Delightful New Books from Flower Pot Press #kidsbooks #summerfun

11:43 AM

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It's summer so that means the littles are home from school and you need something for them to do. In our house, that means non-stop mess of toys and books on the floor! My brood is completely taken with any and every book that comes in the house. It sometimes give me a window to pick up all the other games and blocks and such...

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These two from Flower Pot Press are no different in the immediate fascination and curiosity that they created! How I Did It and Alphabetter are total fun for the family and can keep littles occupied discovering and laughing together. And, secretly, keep those little brains churning and absorbing knowledge all summer, too.

As a change of pace, I had Son aka. Mr. Gifted and Talented (got in the advanced program in school 😏 ) read aloud to us. He was happy to acquiesce and we were amused at the story.

How I Did It is fun from start to end. Full of triumphs and twists and turns of amusement. The story is a rollicking adventure of a brave little "I". Alphabetter wasn't really a story book so he looked at that himself. It was enjoyable in a completely new way by putting together words to make new ones! He couldn't stop quizzing me on which ones they smashed up.

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Linda Ragsdale wants everyone to be a dragon, a Peace Dragon that is! As an author, illustrator, international speaker, and peace teacher, Linda has developed her Peace Dragon series to teach us how to harness our fiery energy into a peaceful and productive outlet by owning our human powers of view, voice, and choice. Linda invites you to be a peace dragon ambassador and join the 30,000 students she has taught around the world!

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