Living Simply: Aroma Foundry - 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils #diy #wastefreehome

Aroma Foundry - 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils #diy #wastefreehome

11:00 PM

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What started as an interest in natural body care and simple scents has morphed into a slight obsession...okay, a real obsession

I am not going to lie - I am a total hoarder. I had one bottle of massage oil (I didn't even know it was blended with essential oils) that lasted for years. I then added one more during my first pregnancy with one calming scent. It took a while for me to get the bug but now I have a huge collection. I want to learn about and experience all the scents.

While that may not actually be possible, it is good to find sources you can trust so that your experience with an oil is as pure and close to nature as possible. Aroma Foundry offers you limited supply and well documented sources of natural oils. 
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 I use the essential oils I have collected in a number of ways. 

  • IN THE DRYER I put 2 scents on my wool dryer balls to give a natural but not lingering scent to the cycle. It smells good while warm but everyone doesn't smell it while wearing their clothes.
  • IN THE DIFFUSER I put a few scents together based on my whim in the water based diffuser and let the mist engulf the room. It lasts a few hours once I turn it off.
  • IN HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS I put an oil with disinfectant powers in my home made cleaners to boost cleaning power and help everything smell fresh
  • IN BASIC SKINCARE I put a few drops in with my natural oil  base to get an added benefit to my skin. Natural omega oils and essential oils work together to keep skin hydrated, nourished, heal sun and age damage
Whether you are a newbie or a learned collector you can find pure and natural scents to meet your high standards at Aroma Foundry. 

What's your next dream scent?

Find out more at Aroma Foundry  Facebook Instagram

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  1. They look great! Hope they smell good too. Will try them out.

  2. I need some more CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL and lavender.
    slehan at juno dot com